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The Treblinka Archaeology Hoax

Were 900,000 Jews “gassed” at Treblinka?

Were 3.9 Million “Steamed to Death” in “steam chambers” there too, as according to Nuremberg trial “evidence”?

The official “Holocaust” story is that Treblinka 2 is the largest mass burial site in the entire world, where the Germans gassed 900,000 Jews in 13 “gas chambers disguised as shower rooms.”

“Holocaust Deniers” or “Holocaust Revisionists” claim there’s no evidence for that, and tales of “gas chambers disguised as shower rooms” are wartime atrocity fiction, similar to previously debunked claims about Jews being made into soap and lampshades.

The Treblinka Archaeology Hoax debunks Zionist British Archaeologist Caroline Sturdy Colls’ fraudulent “investigation” of Treblinka, which included digging near clearly marked Christian graves claiming to find new “hidden mass graves”, falsely assigning homicidal intent to a normal life-saving shower room at Majdanek, and misidentifying a terra-cotta tile excavated at Treblinka as belonging to the floor of a homicidal “gas chamber.” 

Free yourself from a lifetime of Holo-brainwashing about “Six Million” Jews “gassed” in “Gas Chambers Disguised as Shower Rooms”-

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The Treblinka Archaeology Hoax

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