2016 Subaru Levorg

The automotive world never ceases to amaze me. Some few years
ago, the crossover craze hit the market forcing almost every
automaker to release a crossover model to capitalize on the
trend. Now, the crossover market seems to be stabilizing and
some buyers are in fact overlooking crossovers. Subaru was one
of the automakers who jumped to the crossover bandwagon and
ditched some of its wagons in the process. Now, the automaker
is going back to its roots, i.e. producing sporty wagons that
are both powerful, spacious and with high functionality. Subaru
has gone ahead to create a new sporty wagon dubbed the 2016
Subaru Levorg which the automaker says is the successor of the
Liberty GT wagon.

However, enthusiasts argue the new wagon looks more like a
smaller WRX wagon as opposed to the Liberty GT wagon. According
to Subaru, the Levorg is built for young families that don’t
want an SUV but still need the space and practicability of a
wagon. Read along to find out more:


2016 Subaru Levorg Exterior

If you look at the model, you immediately mistake it for a
toned-down WRX wagon. Subaru has admitted that the Levorg is
based on the WRX to save costs, as they are not sure how the
market will receive the model. If the car does well in the
market, the automaker will base it on the global platform.

At the front, the model looks like a typical Subaru rally car.
It features a prominent bonnet scoop on its hood to cool the
turbocharger while giving the front fascia a unique look. The
grille is finished in chrome.

Dimension-wise, the Levorg is 4,690 mm long, 1,780 mm wide and
1,485 mm tall. This means it is 65 mm, 41 mm and 50 mm shorter,
narrower and lower than the WRX wagon respectively. Its
wheelbase at 2,650 mm is also shorter than that of the WRX
wagon. The base model rides on 17-inch alloy wheels while the
GT S features 18-inch wheels.


2016 Subaru Levorg Interior

Although it is smaller than the WRX, the model comes with a
whole 522 liters of cargo space. Folding the rear seats which
have a 60/40 split-folding capability expands the cargo space
to 1,446 liters. The cabin is well lit with two map lights at
the front, reading lights on either side for the rear
passengers and another light in the trunk. The cabin is very
spacious even for the rear passengers who enjoy plenty of
headroom and legroom. The seats are comfortable and

Drivers will enjoy the car’s flat-bottomed steering wheel while
the instruments fall into a clear and logical layout. The base
model features a 6.2-inch display screen, a rearview camera and
a dual-zone climate control. The base model also comes with 12V
power outlets and USB and AUX inputs. The cabin also features
another 4.3-inch screen which displays important information of
the vehicle.

The GT S adds leather upholstery, satellite navigation, heated
front seats, Siri and Pandora compatibility as well as two
extra USB ports. Opting for the Spec B package gets you STI
upgrades which include front, side and rear spoilers, a front
tower bar to improve handling, a red STI ignition button and an
STI shift knock.


Engine Specs and performance

The Levorg derives its juice from the same mill that powers the
WRX sedan. This is the turbocharged 2.0 L, 4-cylinder boxer
engine. The engine produces 296 hp at 5,600 rpm and 350 Nm of
torque between 2,400 rpm and 5,200 rpm.

The engine is paired with a CVT automatic transmission system
which channels power to all the four wheels. Sadly, a manual
gearbox is not offered. The engine takes 6.8 seconds to
accelerate from 0-60 mph which is way slower than the WRX
sedan. This is due to its 80 kg extra curb-weight.

In terms of fuel economy, the engine consumes 8.7 liters every
100 km. Sadly , Subaru didn’t think it wise to hook up the
model with an idle-stop system to help save on gas during
traffic snarl ups or when it stops at traffic lights.


Price and release date

The wagon does not come cheap. The base GT trim has a MSRP of
$42,990 exclusive of destination charges. The GT S trim is more
expensive at $48,890. Adding a Spec B package on the GT S adds
$4,000 to take its total price to $52,890.

The model is already available in Subaru dealerships so if you
are tired of crossovers and need a change you can pop in at
your nearest Subaru dealer to place your order.



The new 2016 Subaru Levorg finds an already emerging market
with the likes of Holden Commodore SS Sportwagon, Volkswagen
Golf R Wagon and Renault Megane GT220.