What Exercises to Avoid for Lower Back Pain

Most often, lower back pain is a manifestation of pathologies of the spine but can be associated with diseases of the urological, gynecological, and other profiles. First of all, see a neurologist. After consulting with a specialist, you can also use a set of exercises that will help get rid of lower back pain.

Exercise “Zigzag”

Remaining lying on your back, pull your legs bent at the knees to your chest and tilt them to the right (while the body remains straight), and turn your head to the left. Press your shoulders firmly against the mat. In this position, you must remain for about 20 seconds. Then do this exercise for the opposite side, tilting your legs to the left, and turning your head to the right. Do 5 such repetitions for each side.

Exercise “Scales”

Remain to lie on your back, bend your knees and pull them towards your chest. Press your feet firmly against support (for example, against a wall). Remaining in this position, perform gentle tilts to the left (while turning your head to the right), and then tilts to the right (turn your head to the left), with 10 repetitions for each side.

Exercise “Bird”

Stand straight. Place your feet shoulder-width apart. The press must be tense. Bend your elbows, and raise them to shoulder level. From this position, spread your arms to the sides, smoothly moving them back to the maximum possible position. Arch your chest. Perform 5 repetitions.

Exercise “Cat”

Stand straight, put your feet shoulder-width apart, and the press should be tense. Put your hands on your belt, wrapping your fingers around your sides. From this position, arch your back as far as possible, while the thumbs press into the spine. Do 5 of these reps.

Exercise “Barrel”

In the supine position:

  1. Knees are clasped by hands, making several rocking movements back and forth, as if stroking the spine.
  2. Stretching the spine in the supine position
  3. Stretching the spine lying on the floor on the back is performed as follows: straight legs pull forward, socks towards you, and hands behind your head back (stretching). Hold the pose for 5-10 seconds, and repeat it 3 times.

Exercise “Shaker”

Reduction of subluxations of the vertebrae is also facilitated by walking on all fours and “shaking”: standing on all fours on your knees, relaxing your back, and shaking due to quick and sharp flexion-extension of the arms in the elbow joints.

It is always better to prevent the disease or, in extreme cases, to detect it at an early stage.


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